We at CIR are located less than 100m away from Roses port.

When you arrive at the dive shop, you’ll find a reception with a terrace, a great meeting point. We also have a room to give the lectures and a place to do the equipment maintenance. In the back part, we have a storage room where you can add fresh water to your equipment or keep it locked, in case you come to dive more than once with us. Once you’re ready, our van will move all your equipment to the boat so that you don’t have to carry it.

We own three Bauer Compressors at 300bar and Nitrox.

Centre Compressor


We don’t want to just bring you to dive. We want you to have a good time from the moment you arrive at the dive shop until you leave. You can start with a coffee and go on with a soda or a beer after the dive, sharing it with other divers.


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